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Welcome to the world of Apptitute. We have built a family of apps, that will help you unlock the full potential of your iPhone and experience its true power like never before.

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How our apps
help you

  • Back up your data properly using iCloud or iTunes
  • Prepare
    for an iOS update
  • Update your device
    to the latest iOS
  • Become an expert
    Learn all about the latest features in iOS.

So that you can get the absolute most out of your iPhone or iPad experience.


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We have helped millions of users.

As of January 2023, our apps have reached 20 million+ downloads. We have been ranked in the top 100 most downloaded free apps (overall) in more than 150+ countries.

Thanks so much for all your support.

Highest ranks Overall Productivity
# of countries - rank 1 reached 4 61
# of countries - rank 5 reached 14 123
# of countries - rank 10 reached 25 140
# of countries - rank 100 reached 121 164
Country/Region Overall Productivity
China 2 1
Spain 2 1
India 18 2
Italy 24 2
Canada 26 1
France 31 1
United Kingdom 48 2
United States 67 8
Germany 84 5
Australia 87 1
Russia 663 25

About me

Hey, I'm Nick! Back in high school, I got my hands on my first iPhone and I was blown away by all the cool things it could do. But I noticed that most people weren't taking advantage of its full potential. So, together with my father, Karl, I decided to whip up a few manuals to help them out. Unfortunately, they didn't do so well 'cause I couldn't get 'em in front of the right crowd.

But I wasn't gonna let that stop me! I dug deep and learned everything there was to know about app store optimization, and what kinda info users were really craving. And finally, during my first year of college, we hit the jackpot - our app got a million downloads in just a week!

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